March 20, 2019


More than 84,000 chemicals are processed into western food products each year essentially without little regulation and thorough safety testing, generating more than $760 billion in profits for the chemical industry. Increasing documented research data 

confirms much evidence exists that exposure to these chemicals is contributing to disease - such as cancer, reproductive issues & abnormalities and many other endocrine, neurological, and metabolic problems. Chemical exposure is now practically impossible to avoid minimising exposure is important.


The recent post regarding the research showing a likely link between Parkinson's Disease and consumption of pesticides, does remind us to be more aware of what we are consuming.  How do we manage the unavoidable absorption / accumulation of toxins - nutritional biochemists term ‘toxic load’?


If you want more certainty about your future - manifesting good health for the long run involves ensuring you are reducing the chemical accumulation that comes from exposure to plastics , pesticides, air pollutants, sprays, additives, fumes etc...


Look at your daily habits - observe what could be accumulating slowly over a long period of time - diet is obvious - preferably choose organic fruit and vegetables where possible.

  1. What soaps are you lathering over your body daily, what other chemicals are absorbing into your skin daily including skin creams over your face and body - these commonly contain toxins. Dishwasher soap, shampoos etc . There are successful non-toxic alternatives for every skincare, soap and deodorant, dishwashing liquids etc..

  2. Buy food packaged in glass if possible and store in glass rather than plastic. BPA is not the only issue with plastic there are other toxic chemicals in plastic that leach into the food. Make sure your baby's toys are toxic-free - anything your child may be prone to suck or chew on—even books, which are often plasticized. It’s advisable to avoid all plastic for food containing, especially flexible varieties.

  3. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove contaminated house dust. This is one of the major routes of exposure to flame retardant chemicals.

  4. Replace your non stick pans with ceramic or glass or stainless cookware.



Apart from taking out the elements that represent exposure - far infrared saunas are phenomenal as an effective strategy for detoxing - this can be life transforming for those suffering from constant headaches, nausea, nerve pain, stiff joints etc - a regular ritual - we recommend 10 sessions (1 per week) every few weeks repeat. Spring is the time in terms of human biology when cleansing toxins out of the system is especially important.


Lymphatic drainage - through exercises such as running, trampolining, slow deep stretch yin-yoga, 2 weekly detox lymphatic facial or body massage, dry brushing before shower are all ways to encourage exit of toxins..


A good quality dense nutritional multi formula is essential to access co-factors in the right form that play a part in the body’s natural ability to detox. (We recommend from 20 yrs years of experience and trials - practitioner brand- Basic Detox Nutrients - Thorne Research).


Sip detox teas daily made with specific plants that stimulate the body to switch on internal detoxification pathways.




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