Are you getting what your body needs?

May 16, 2019

Did you know that your grandparents got 8X the amount of vitamin C from eating one orange than you do today?...AND that all of the essential vitamins and minerals are much lower in quantity in our food supply today than they were just a few decades ago?

So the question is are you taking daily, quality and dense formulation of mineral and vitamins?

A daily quality practitioner formulated multinutrient is absolutely necessary, if you want to get an efficient supply of the full spectrum of essential nutrients protecting your body and mental state right now and in your future years - most common products on the health shop shelf are formulated in too smaller doses to have any profound effect or they are not in the right biomolecular form to assimilate easily in the body.


If you want to nourish your brain, endocrine, immune system, nervous system, gut barrier, skin and every single cell in your body...if you want to boost mood, positivity, uplift from depression - there are 100’s of conclusive studies showing the link between lack of nutrients and these symptoms.


Choose a high-quality, physician-formulated multinutrient... and take it every single day you will feel the difference. If you don’t notice the difference in your body when taking a multinutrient (mineral and vitamin) at recommended doses it is a good indicator it is not a good product. We recommend, from our 20 years of clinical experience Basic Detox Nutrients - Thorne Research (can order through the clinic) it has changed in patients quality of mood, energy, clarity, flexibility, sleep quality, vitality and general positive motivation for life!


Get the inflammation down in the body - often people with stress, lack of nutrients and depression have increased inflammation - a very common status. Try taking an infrared sauna every week to reduce toxicity which we can not avoid from our environment, eliminating sugar and processed grains is also a significant step. Watch the additives that are artificially created and eliminate all processed vegetable oils - except extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Add many more quality fats to your diet including butter, organic cream (if you tolerate dairy) , ghee, avocado. 


We will talk amore about inflammation next post..


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